Length of Sweden Sverigetempot – 2020

Length of Sweden Sverigetempot (LoSS) is a long distance endurance cycle event from the north of Sweden to the south of Sweden. Randonneurs Sverige is organising the event in cooperation with CK Distans. LoSS is sanctioned by les Randonneurs Mondiaux.

The starting point is situated north of the Arctic circle. The riders will get the opportunity to ride their bikes in the midnight sun during the first night of the ride.

The ride is held in the randonné style. The riders are expected to be able to ride their bikes for several days and nights with minimal support and service.

Preliminary map


Length of Sweden Sverigetempot 2020

  • Distance: 2100 kilometers (approx. 1305 miles)
  • Time limit 177 hours or 144 hours for riders in the last start group.
  • Starting point Riksgränsen, 68°26’5.4″N 18°6’29.4″E, on the road right at the Sweden Norway border
  • Finish point Smygehamn (Smygehuk), 55°20’14.1″N 13°21’35.9″E

Reindeer 2009, Photo: Kalle Abrahamsson