• A Ride Report (and another one)

    Here’s one report that we got from the author, the german rider Frank Sent. Enjoy! https://km4kids.jimdofree.com/2100km-in-7-tagen-schweden-07-2021/ This ”another one ” is in Swedish and sort of got lost in translation when I posted the RR by Frank. Thank you, Anna and sorry, your´s is much too good not to be read. https://groncyklist.wordpress.com/2021/07/20/hur-var-sverigetempot/

  • 2021 Sverigetempot in pictures

    The 2021 Sverigetempot is over. Of the 105 starting riders, 94 reached the goal in Smygehuk. A new record in both participants and finishers. This year we had a photographer documenting the race. Here are some of the pictures. These and the rest of the pictures can be downloaded in full size from this Flickr…

  • 1 June: Lifted restrictions

    Good news, Sverigetempot will happen! Covid is stepping back in general. The national restrictions here in Sweden will be softened on the 1 June but the entry ban and quarantine rules still put a lid on the joy. Foreign riders, please visit this site for changes in restrictions if you can wait to decide. https://www.folkhalsomyndigheten.se/the-public-health-agency-of-sweden/communicable-disease-control/covid-19/if-you-are-planning-to-travel/recommendations-for-those-travelling/…

  • LoSS 2021 or not?

    (På svenska längre ner) We have been counting on going ahead in July since we let new riders in last November. At the time things are disturbingly uncertain, to say the least. And of course, for some people things are worse than just being uncertain. The current national restrictions, that would ban the event today,…

  • You can now register for Sverigetempot 2021!

  • Length of Sweden Sverigetempot postponed to 2021

    Length of Sweden Sverigetempot postponed to 2021. It will not be possible to run Length od Sweden in a safe and secure way in 2020, therefore we will have to postpone the ride to the summer of 2021. We are currently working out all the little details this postponement brings. Expect a more detailed message…

  • Length of Sweden Sverigetempot official position regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Update 2020-03-24: Length of Sweden Sverigetempot postponed to 2021. A short message available here. Uppdatering 2020-03-24: Length of Sweden Sverigetempot skjuts upp till 2021. Ett kort meddelande finns här. Update  II 2020-03-19: A lot of new information and a rapidly changing situation, expect a new statement from us no later than March 25 2020 regarding…

  • Length of Sweden Sverigetempot 2020 waiting list opened

    If you would like to ride Length of Sweden Sverigetempot 2020 in July do sign up to the waiting list. We already know that there will be starting spots available to persons signed up on the waiting list. Sign up for the waiting list at rider.sverigetempot.se/rides/loss-2020. Starting spots will begin being made available to the…

  • About hotmail

    A heads up for hotmail users. It appears that our automate emails from the signup-system are not always delivered to the recipient for some of the hotmail accounts. If you used a hotmail address to register and have not heard from us, please send an email to info@ckdistans.se. // The Lenght of Sweden Sverigetempot Team

  • Staying in Riksgränsen, Niehku Mountain Villa

      We have found a newly established hotel. Situated slightly more than one kilometer from the starting line. Only 14 double rooms, approximately 190 euro/room. They open up for the summer on July 2! Bookings are made via email. https://niehku.com/the-mountain-villa/.

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