Soon time for registration

Thank you for your patience, all of you! We will be back within a week with a notification of the opening of the final registration. We’ll notify at least ten days prior.
We advise you to be ready to act quickly when it’s time. If you haven’t noticed, Length of Sweden Sverigetempot is more popular than it’s ever been… 😉
A waiting list will be applied.
More: the organization that is sanctioning brevet’s longer than 1200 km, has decided that brevets in the category +1899 km shall have a 10 km/h average speed. Meaning that we now have a maximum time of 210 hours.
The three start groups will be
max 210 hrs; Thursday July 2
max 180 hrs; Friday July 3
aiming for 150 hrs or faster; Saturday July 4

Preregistration for 2020 completed

All 200 preregistration spots for Length of Sweden Sverigetempot 2020 have been claimed.

Registration will open in January 2020. There will be starting spots available in January. Visit for a list of the already preregistered riders for 2020.

Anmälan öppnar i januari 2020. Det kommer att finns startplatser i januari. Gå till för att se vilka som redan är föranmälda till 2020 års lopp.

Length of Sweden Sverigetempot 2016.
Length of Sweden Sverigetempot 2016. Photo: Johan Björklund

150 preregistrations in a week

The preregistration for next years Length of Sweden Sverigetempot has been open for a week and more than 150 riders have already signed up for the 2100 kilometer bike ride. Amazing. As usual there are riders from most parts of the world, we are only missing Africa and South America so far.

There are still preregistration spots available to secure a starting spot visit the preregistration page. There will be an additional number of starting spots available in January, 2020 when the registration opens. Some of the spots available in January will not include transportation (i.e. no bag drop and no transport of bike cases).

Tino near Abisko. Lapporten in the background. LoSS 2016
Tino riding near Abisko. Lapporten in the background. Length of Sweden Sverigetempot 2016. Photo: Jonas Wiking

Administrative note. There will be a pause in the updating of payment status from now and over the weekend. We are going on a bike ride.

Särskild information till svenskar. Det kan bli så att flertalet av platserna med full transport av väskor blir reserverade för utländska deltagare när anmälan öppnar i januari. Ambitionen är full transporthjälp åt alla men det kan alltså bli så att utländska deltagare får prioritet.

Pre-registration open

The pre-registration for Length of Sweden Sverigetempot 2020 is now open. The start dates will be July 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 2020.

To pre-register visit

With a pre-registration you will secure a starting spot in the 2020 edition. The pre-registration fee will count towards the full registration fee, i.e. if you have pre-registered we subtract the pre-registration fee from the full registration fee when you finalize your registration.

The organizers ambition is that everybody who wants to ride Length of Sweden Sverigetempot 2020 should be able to do so. However there are some physical limitations for how many riders we can accommodate while still maintaining the desired level of service for the participants.

The organizers reserve the right to halt pre-registration at any time.

The registration for Length of Sweden Sverigetempot 2020 will open in January 2020.