Length of Sweden Sverigetempot 2020 waiting list opened

If you would like to ride Length of Sweden Sverigetempot 2020 in July do sign up to the waiting list. We already know that there will be starting spots available to persons signed up on the waiting list.

Sign up for the waiting list at rider.sverigetempot.se/rides/loss-2020.

Starting spots will begin being made available to the waiting list no later than March 5.

When starting spots are made available to the waiting list the persons ‘next in line’ will be offered the spots and the first person to claim the spot gets it.

Some starting spots will also be distributed at the organiser’s discretion with a preference for non Swedish riders from the waiting list.

A thank you to the pre-registered riders who have informed us that they  will not be able to take advantage of their starting spot in July.

Somewhere in Sweden Length of Sweden Sverigetempot 2016.
Length of Sweden Sverigetempot 2016. Photo: Johan Björklund

About hotmail

A heads up for hotmail users.

It appears that our automate emails from the signup-system are not always delivered to the recipient for some of the hotmail accounts.

If you used a hotmail address to register and have not heard from us, please send an email to info@ckdistans.se.

// The Lenght of Sweden Sverigetempot Team

Registration will open on February 15

On February 15 at 19:00 CET the registration for Length of Sweden Sverigetempot 2020 will open with 50 starting spots available.

In the event that the 50 starting spots all will be claimed a waiting list will be available.

Lördagen den 15 februari klockan 19:00 kommer anmälan till årets Length of Sweden Sverigetempot att öppna med 50 stycken startplatser tillgängliga.

Om de 50 startplatserna skulle ta slut kommer det att finnas en väntelista.

Length of Sweden Sverigetempot 2016.
Length of Sweden Sverigetempot 2016. Photo: Johan Björklund

Soon time for registration

Thank you for your patience, all of you! We will be back within a week with a notification of the opening of the final registration. We’ll notify at least ten days prior.
We advise you to be ready to act quickly when it’s time. If you haven’t noticed, Length of Sweden Sverigetempot is more popular than it’s ever been… 😉
A waiting list will be applied.
More: the organization that is sanctioning brevet’s longer than 1200 km, has decided that brevets in the category +1899 km shall have a 10 km/h average speed. Meaning that we now have a maximum time of 210 hours.
The three start groups will be
max 210 hrs; Thursday July 2
max 180 hrs; Friday July 3
aiming for 150 hrs or faster; Saturday July 4